Health and Safety

 We take all aspects of Health, Safety and Staff Welfare very seriously and as such our policies and procedures are audited on an annual basis by Alcumus/Safe Contractor 

Trained Area Managers

Interface provides cleaning, washroom services and support services, during business hours and/or outwith business hours. Robust policies and procedures ensure that our Supervisors are trained to  oversee the hygienic cleaning of all sites to Client’s requirements. Audits are carried out on a regular basis by  qualified Area Managers, further underpinning our ability to work within the parameters set down by the client.

To the Standard

Our cleaning operatives are trained to the standard set by the British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc).

We offer quality contract cleaning in all business sectors including offices, shopping centres, financial sector, construction industry, sports stadia, hotel and leisure and the education sector. 

What do we teach?

 Our bespoke training centre provides training modules for floor cleaning (hard and soft covering options; window cleaning - manual and reach and wash; toilet cleaning, staff kitchens, offices, AV Suite and meeting rooms. Chemical Competance is stage 1.

We also demonstrate “germ warfare” with the use of u/v light technology in several of the training modules .

Why do we train?

Formal training provides the structures, techniques and awareness to manage time and workload efficiently, which increases productivity and motivates staff to achieve more; that in itself is a direct benefit to the client.

  Training also boosts the moral of staff as they see a commitment towards developing their skills and a cementing of their importance to the client and the employer; this in turn improves staff morale and loyalty


Who carries out the training?

All trainers are Interface employees who  have themselves been trained by our BICSc qualified trainers and assessed by our in-house BICSs qualified Assessor.